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Pappy's Pondering Puzzle Book - Volume 1: Mazes to Amaze your Kids!

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Details: Thank you for looking at my Pappy's Puzzle Book, I am truly grateful you chose my book to consider. I hope you enjoy the puzzles within the book. I tried to ensure they were fun and increasing in challenge as the book goes on. In this Maze Puzzle book for kids I started them off with fun Alphabet puzzles to get them used to the puzzles. As the pages turn you will see the puzzles get increasingly more difficult and more varied in shape, everything from a bunny to a cross, before finishing up with 4 different traditional maze shapes. I believe most kids between the ages of 4-12 can do these. If not, then what a great opportunity for you and your child to work them out together. Thanks again for purchasing this puzzle book and if you do enjoy the book, please take a few moments and drop a positive review on Amazon.

Author: Lambert, DA

Number Of Pages: 72

EAN: 9798373074339

Release Date: 08-01-2023

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.5 x 0.2 inches

Languages: english

Binding: Paperback