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Pappy's Puzzle-Palooza: Volume 1

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Details: Thank you for looking into a Pappy Puzzle book, I think you will find your and your child will thoroughly enjoy the puzzles inside these books, as well it is intended to enhance their math, problem solving and acuity skills. This puzzle book builds on the skills they develop playing the games and utilize them as they are challenged in each subsequent section and book. We introduce additional types of puzzles and difficulty in each section. To keep the book fun and engaging we have limited the different types of puzzles in each book, this will help keep the focus on development and not on learning a new puzzle. The 3 volumes progressively get harder, while still being enjoyable. If you have a more advanced child, you may want to start them in Volume 2 or 3. The sections are broken into four groups within each book: Puppy puzzles - these are the easiest puzzles in each book, they might be a word search with 3-4 letter words, a 10 ring maze, or 4x4 Soduko puzzle. Intended to help develop your Childs problem problem and puzzle solving skills. This section only has 1 type of puzzle Penguin puzzles- these puzzles are medium difficulty and they may increase the letter number by one, or add a few additional rings and introduce a new type of puzzle to work. This section has 2 types of puzzles, the same puzzle type that was found in the smae previous Puppy section and then a different type of puzzle. Panther Puzzles- These puzzles are the medium to hard puzzles, depending on the puzzle type. Your child should be able to do these alone still or with some help from an older child or parent. This section has 3 different types of puzzles. One puzzle type from each of the previous two sections and then one additional type. Power Puzzles - These puzzles are definitely going to be a challenge for your child, the intent is to have the parent engage with the child to help facilitate learning together. In some cases your child may be able to complete these alone, but its likely they will require your help. Again it will have 3 puzzle types from each of the three previous sections. But these puzzles will be at a hard difficulty.

Author: Lambert, DA

Number Of Pages: 80

EAN: 9798372577923

Release Date: 05-01-2023

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.2 inches

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback