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Pappy's Puzzling Proclamations Volume 3: Cryptogram Puzzles of Famous Song Lyrics

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Details: Thank you for checking out a Pappy's Puzzle Book, I hope you enjoy the puzzles within my books. I tried to ensure they were fun and increasing in challenge as the book goes on. Unlike many puzzle books out there, I try not to squeeze as many puzzles as I can on one page. Instead I try to keep the puzzles, clean, large and easy to read. In my opinion there is nothing worse than trying to do a puzzle but cant read it without the help of a magnifying glass. In this puzzle book I have included 100 lyrics for the music buff in all of us. Some lyrics will be quickly recognizable, while others are from obscure songs or bands you may have never heard of. In all cases I hope you find the cryptograms fun and challenging. This Cryptogram book is filled with a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Generally the cipher can be solved by hand. Substitution ciphers where each letter is replaced by a different letter are frequently used. To Solve the puzzle you must uncover the original lettering. I have included starter letters in the beginning of this book, but by the time you get to the end of the book, there will be no more starter letters to help you solve the puzzle.

Author: Lambert, DA

Format: Large Print

Number Of Pages: 201

EAN: 9798372537552

Release Date: 04-01-2023

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches

Languages: english

Binding: Paperback