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Mind Games: Adult Variety Puzzle Book To Help Keep Your Mind Focused, Sharp, Active & Healthy



Greetings, I'm David, but my friends and loved ones affectionately call me Pappy. I'm thrilled you're here and curious about my puzzle books! Whether you stumbled upon my page by chance or intentionally sought it out, I welcome you and hope to share my journey with you.

In the spring of 2022, I decided to explore the world of side hustles. I attempted drop shipping coffee and flipping domain names, but neither felt quite right. However, I've always had a fondness for puzzle books and creative problem-solving. So, I delved into the low-content market on KDP, but the journals and diaries niche was overly saturated.

Undeterred, I focused on puzzle books and released my first Sudoku book. Unfortunately, it didn't receive much traction, and I even misspelled Sudoku upon publishing it. Despite this, I persisted and crafted a second book after extensive research. I opted for a variety of puzzles and strategic keywords to improve discoverability on Amazon. Graciously, my supportive friends and family purchased copies and left positive reviews, leading to nearly 200 copies sold.

I'm eager to grow my passion project into a thriving business and have gained invaluable lessons in the publishing world and on Amazon within the past three months. Moving forward, I intend to continue crafting Pappy puzzle books, expanding the selection on my website, and hopefully maintaining a sustainable level of success.

Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my endeavors. I hope you find a puzzle book you enjoy or even check out my merchandise shop to show your support. Happy puzzling, and God bless! Pappy (aka David)