Why make a site when you have Amazon?

Hey there, so I have been asked many times since I launched this endeavor. If I have all my books listed on Amazon, why do I need to launch a site. For me, its always been about making it easy for folks to find my books. Often on Amazon, you have to search and hope a Pappy Puzzle Book pops up in the 1st page or two. Or, you have to spend a lot of money advertising, sure that works, but you can kiss those royalties good by if your clicks arent high enough. It's a balancing act, and over these last 45 days I have learned so much. 

I also realized that I want to be able to offer other things to like minded puzzlers out there. Generally speaking I believe most people who enjoy puzzle books are good folks, who enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life. I at least like to think so, and its not always easy to find products that are family friendly without being buried under the rather unpleasant things. I want to bring premium puzzles, with pleasant imagery, games that are fun and family friendly, and of course merch that has some fun to it. I mean I love my logo it makes me smile every time I see it. I can just imagine going someplace and seeing someone wearing a pair of sneakers with my characterized face plastered on the side. I mean how much would that be.

To do all this, I really need a single location where people can go to find things I find perfect for my desired brand. I don't think you will ever find anything with foul language or any kind of nudity associated with Pappy's Puzzles, its just not my way. The world has enough negativity and ugliness in it, I just want to bring some smiles to faces. Hopefully you can find that here on my site. If you do find something you like, and decide to purchase it, thank you so much! 

Happy Puzzling, 


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