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Mind Games: Adult Variety Puzzle Book To Help Keep Your Mind Focused, Sharp, Active & Healthy

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Details: In this title Mind Games for Adults, you will find color pages, not just black and white and an abundance of puzzles and activities to keep your mind hard at work, but in a very fun way. The puzzles within are all geared towards working every aspect of your brain, coloring intricate pictures for manual dexterity, math and logic puzzles for your reasoning skills, mazes for spatial relationships, spot the differences for visual acuity, odd man out for visual recognition, anagrams and word puzzles for problem solving and word recognition and much, much more. In between the book covers you will find over180 pages of puzzles packed with 250 + puzzles in full color. "ALL" puzzles have the Solutions in the back except for the coloring pages and the Word Puzzles. The puzzles are meant to be enjoyed, some of them may be silly looking, but hopefully they will bring a smile to your face like they did mine when making them. I mean who doesn't like a cartoon of a dead zombie girl As with all Pappy Puzzle books, I have tried to ensure this book is fun, helpful to you, provides weeks and months of entertainment. Progresses in difficulty as you turn the pages, and the puzzles remain clear and easy to read through every page turn and lastly I hope it provides value for your hard earned dollar. It is a little bit pricier due to needing the color printing, but in the end I truly believe it makes the puzzles that much more fun and creates more options when using images and drawings as part of the puzzles. Happy Puzzling, Pappy

Author: Lambert, DA

Number Of Pages: 286

EAN: 9798386736293

Release Date: 12-03-2023

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback